The departure

And finally, the departure’s day came. Everybody was really sad to say goodbye. We were flying for one day and a half. From Toronto to Madrid and then to Asturias. All the students were miserable because they had left their friends in Canada, but at the same time they were looking forward to meeting them again in Asturias in February.

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The night before my leaving we celebrated Halloween. We prepared the pumpkins, had some ghosts in the garden and had a great time telling horror stories

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Inside the school

As I wrote before, I attended classes in SPB. Here you can see some photos of the classrooms, the hallways and the library.

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Senator Patrick Burns School

The Senator Patrick Burns is the School where Nicoles works and I attended lessons to see how Canadian teachers teach. Their methods, their syllabuses, their routines during the lessons.

I met a lot of different teachers with their own methodologies and I could see how involved they were with their students.

Senator Patrick Burns is a bilingual school where 85% students study in the Bilingual Project. 50% of their curricula is in Spanish and they have got teachers from different Spanish speaking countries. Mostly everybody in the school speak Spanish and their principal, Marlene Krickhan is doing her best to achieve their goals in this kind of education.

As you can see in this picture, they are “Home of the Broncos”, that means they have that kind of horse as their symbol


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The Rocky mountains

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My first weekend there we went to the RocKy mountains. We spent the night in Canmore, near Banff and do some hiking.

We visited the Lake Lewis, saw the Three Sisters and climbed some peaks.

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In Calgary, I was living with a Canadian teacher, Nicole, her husband, David and their cat, Crackers. I attended classes in Nicole’s school, Saint Patrick Burns, for a whole week. There I could learn how Canadian teachers teach and the resources they use.

I think we had a nice time together and they will also come to my house. I am looking forward to seeing them again.


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The trip


Finally, the day came. On 20th October, I began my trip to Canada. I first flew from Asturias to Madrid. There, I spent the night and the next morning I took my  plane to Toronto.

The journey from Madrid to Toronto takes you eight hours. Thank god, I could watch some films and time passed really quickly. When I arrived in Toronto, I had to wait four hours to take my next plane to Calgary. The journey, now, took me four hours, so I was flying for more than 12 hours that day.


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